2014 Winners


Grand Jury Award
Wildlike directed by Frank Hall Green

Teenage runaway Mackenzie plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior to escape her inappropriate uncle, whom her mother sent her to live with. Barlett is a backpacker who wants nothing more than to be left alone, but eventually cultivates a friendship with Mackenzie. Their bond helps them to heal from their traumatic pasts as they explore the Alaska terrain. Mackenzie’s deep desire to be reunited with her struggling, absent mother in Seattle is threatened by her frantic uncle's attempt to reconnect with her.

Special Jury Award

N+N directed by Mo Lai Yan-Chi

Injustice emerges since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the UK to China. Democracy and freedom in our city are diminishing since then. The government ignores the voice from people, insisting the so-called “development” only to fulfill the interest of the rich. They demolished the homes of many villagers living in the rural area who are completely powerless to say “NO”.

Special Jury Award

Lure directed by Jesse Harley

Lure tells the story of an unstable post-grad student, Rebecca Markowitz, who is writing her doctorate thesis on convicted internet stalker, Eric Daltry.

Special Jury Award

The Goodbye directed by Alvaro Díaz Lorenzo

Toni and Manu take Jose, their recently deceased friend, on a road trip through Europe to scatter his ashes from The Eiffel Tower, on Lake Annecy and on The Coliseum, honoring his deathbed wishes. This adventure will test their friendship, their will to forgive, and explore love and destiny that comes in the shape of Monica, a beautiful women they meet in Rome.

Best Comedy

Coconut directed by Charlie Bleakley

A dark comedy - a ‘bromance’ between two road-tripping best friends who, despite all their personal failings, will do anything for each other - even when their friendship is severely tested by a surprising turn of events.

getting out
Best Director

Getting Out directed by Nick Felice

Two friends are struggling with money, each needing it for different reasons. When they plan an easy caper, they soon realize that the consequences to follow are more than they were expecting.

Best Documentary

The Enigma of Nic Jones: Return of Britain's Lost Folk Hero directed by Michael Proudfoot

This is an excerpt from our 60-minute documentary about folk singer and virtuosic guitarist Nic Jones. From the groundbreaking beginnings of his career to the accident that silenced him at the brink of stardom, his long journey back to health, and his triumphant return to the stage. 

Best Documentary Short

Flavor & Fuel - A Story of Modern Craftsmanship directed by Rodrigo Demedeiros

A tale about two wildly different companies. One blending science with art in the pursuit of thrilling fans in the high-tech world of Formula One racing. The other blending art with science in the quest to make delicious ales that enhance people’s lives. A film that explores the ties that bind when the passionate and driven rally together in the pursuit of a dream.

Best Feature

Reflections of Maya Rose directed by Alexandra Wedenig

Reality takes a turn for young and eager actress Maya Rose when she auditions for the role of Ava in a screenplay titled “The reflection and the mirror”. It tells the story of Ava and Scott, two lovers trying to transcend time and space by means of a mirror.

Best Short

Pre-Boarding directed by Tobin Herringshaw

Pre-boarding is a literary fiction short film about twenty-six year old Gabriele and sixty year old John. Both are dealing with their own issues, but their unlikely meeting ignites a verbal sparring match that ultimately allows them to face their separate problems together.

Best Foreign Film

The Man Who Fed His Shadow directed by Mario Garefo

A man intrudes into rich people’s dinners claiming that he can collect the food from their table and feed his shadow which, curiously enough, is a female figure.

music video
Best Music Video

The Ramona Flowers Tokyo directed by Bouha Kazmi

A mysterious masked stranger and a boy form the centrepiece of a gathering of elderly society women who yearn for their youth and the exquisite command of their lure.

Best Nevada Film

Vegas Vikings directed by Christian Schoyen

A group of fearless, compassionate individuals with Viking spirit, who against all odds set out to save 100 children in the most dangerous neighborhood in Las Vegas. This is an inspirational story of courage and a whole city uniting.

Itsy Bitsy Spiders
Best Screenplay

Itsy Bitsy Spiders directed by Bertrand "Bert" Paré

Edwin has a dark obsession with drawing spiders. His mother does her best to curb his increasingly odd behavior, but unbeknownst to her, a terrifying mystery will soon be solved with the help of these sinister drawings.

Best Animation

Chivary directed by Gao Yanmei

Animation created and directed by artist, Gao Yanmei.

tv pilot
Best Television Pilot

Professor Isle's Laboratory directed by Lance Barnett

An Idyllic teacher on a mission to change the world 'One Lesson at a time' discovers that 'Right doesn't make Might' while battling the forces of beauracracy, hypocrisy, plutocracy and just plain crazy in the madcap town of Classicville U.S.A.

carry on
Best Student Film

Carry On directed by Yatao Li

During the brutal withdrawal of Japanese forces at the end of WWII, a Chinese father does whatever he can to save his family.

2014 Screenplay Winners

Best Feature Screenplays

1st place: Love You, Miss You, Bye written by Thomas S. Brown 

2nd Place: The Fix written by Steven Canfield Crowley

3rd Place: After The Long Flight written by Eileen Hong
4th Place: Low Fidelity written by Alek Wiltbank
5th Place: Finally Me written by Charles Laulette

Best Short Screenplays 

1st place: Stuck written by Robert Factor

2nd Place: Peace and War written by David Brichetto 

3rd Place: Loose Cannon written by Jennifer Bouani
4th Place: Falafel Thirst written by Justin Bozonelis
5th Place: Repercussions written by Zachary V.